Thursday, July 21, 2011

NetLibrary is now EBSCOhost!

If you've been using the ULM Library for a long time, you might notice that something is different: Where is NetLibrary?

NetLibrary has passed away and become One with the EBSCOhost.

NetLibrary is not gone, but has been acquired and absorbed by EBSCOhost. So all the books that used to be in NetLibrary are now in EBSCOhost! So that's one less database to search when you're looking for books and articles.

You will also no longer need a NetLibrary account. If you had saved searches or notes in your old NetLibrary account, those are unfortunately gone. However, you can start saving new favorite books in your EBSCO "folder." You can create a new account by clicking "sign in" next to the folder icon.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Database now available off-campus

We are very pleased to report that after an upgrade to our proxy server, several of our databases have become available off-campus! These are they:

Annual Reviews
ARTSTOR (user account no longer required)
Classical Music Library
NetLibrary (user account no longer required)
Note: NetLibrary is now a part of EBSCOhost

You can now log into them using your CWID and PIN (MMYY) like the other databases. You do not need a user account to enter NetLibrary and ARTSTOR anymore, but you may still use your account to save favorite works and user preferences.

Please report any problems you encounter.

Since this post was made, it's been discovered that Annual Reviews still does not work off campus.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

AccessScience trial

Through our consortium LOUIS, we have a free trial to a scientific reference resource, AccessScience, until Sept. 30, 2011.

Go here to try it out:

If you are asked for a log-in to see the full text of articles, you need to log in. Please contact the reference desk and ask for the password here: