Monday, October 22, 2007

What PC Hardware and Software are installed in the Library Open PC Lab, 3rd Floor?

The staff of the ULM Library gets this question asked from time to time.

Welcome to the ULM Library. Students with a current Student ID have access to the Open Computer Lab, located 3rd floor, Room 302. The lab operates 60 Dell Dimension 2400 PC's connected with high speed internet access. The lab also operates 2 Dell 5100 black and white Laser Printers. The GoPrint application is used to manage your printing. You printing limit in the open PC lab is 150 sheets per week. Please note: Delta students do not have access to the printers in the open lab.

We strongly suggest that all students bring a USB memory stick with them to the lab and save your work to it.

Software installed for your use includes: Microsoft Windows XP Pro, Service Pack 2 Microsoft Word 2003 Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 Microsoft Access 2003 Microsoft Publisher 2003 Microsoft Info Path 2003 SciFinder Scholar 2007 End Note X.0.2 Lock Down Browser Adobe Reader Mozilla Firefox.


Karen N. said...

USB memory sticks are getting cheaper these days.

There has been some talk at the library about getting a vending machine and putting CD-Rs, USB drive, pens, and other necessary items for sale in it. LSU has something exactly like this at their library.

Beejal said...

The idea about the vending machine sounds fantastic. Pens, pencils, USB drives, etc... Can be even better if all of these supplies were emblazoned with ULM Warhawk logos/graphics. That would encourage even more people to buy and would be a great way to show Warhawk pride.

I think the GoPrint system is fantastic. It's flexible enough to let someone with a big print job print, generous enough for almost any student (150 pages per week?!?! Many schools don't give any), and it forces everyone to be thoughtful about what they print. Waste has been dramatically reduced - no more gigantic stacks of unclaimed prints. The system is very easy to use, though some people never pay attention to the computer id and just click randomly until they find their file to print.

However, it seems like the ability to print multiple pages per sheet has been lost. Whenever I have a monster reading assignment posted to blackboard that I don't want to read for hours on my computer screen, I know I like to fit two pages per printed sheet to cut down on my usage. Just a minor complaint.

Also, have any plans for recycling newspapers and printer papers? I think the library would make a great collection site... And why stop there, could collect aluminum cans and ink cartridges with bins set up outside the front of the library. Just need someone to be in charge of collecting and sending off the materials periodically.

Finally, finally, finally - Is there a way we can program all of the computers in the 3rd floor computer lab to automatically shut down at a set time each day? (Say 15 minutes after closing time the pc's auto shut down; when patrons get to the lab they can turn on their pc's). Even when each computer and monitor in the lab are "sleeping" or at "standby" while the library is closed, they are probably drawing between 50-100 Watts of power constantly. Multiply that by 60 pc's and you get 3000-6000 Watts of power. When these computers run for 7 hours while the library is closed, that's 21000-42000 Watt-hours or 21-42 kiloWatt-hours per night. Doing this every night for 365 days would really add up. Plus, the a/c system wouldn't have to work as hard in the summer.