Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Early Christmas Gift: Extended Hours!

Hello, Library Patrons! Just wanted to let you guys know that we have extended our hours - including adding a day! - in consideration of all the cramming - er, I mean, preparing and studying you guys will be doing for finals! You can see the updated schedule on the Library's website, but we also wanted to post it here:

Friday, November 30: 7:30am - 6pm

Saturday, December 1: 10am - 6pm

Sunday, December 2: 10am - 1am

There will be reference librarians here all day Friday and Saturday, and from 10am to 9pm Sunday to help you! Starting Monday, December 3, and continuing on until Thursday, December 6, the Library will be open until 1am instead of midnight. Come on by, get your study on!

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Beejal said...

The extended hours were very helpful.

After the Wigwam is converted into the new success center (that's what it's becoming, right?), will the library's second floor success center move to this new construction? I ask because I would like to see this area of the second floor reclaimed as a study area. Specifically, I think it would be great as a "Bring your own computer" study lounge with plenty of ethernet connections and/or solid wireless access. The library already does have multiple ethernet wall jacks but it can be rather difficult to know which are functioning. Having one good lounge where BYOC people could hang out and study it up would be great, in my opinion.

Otherwise, that area of the second floor could just be reclaimed as more quiet study area. Even this would be great, since it seems more and more students are spreading out all over the five open floors of the library.

Finally, just during the week before and the week of finals, it would be really thoughtful to open up the upper floor classrooms during library hours as extra study space for students. You can keep these locked up any other time.

These are just wishes/suggestions. The library is already a wondeful facility staffed by wonderful people.