Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Various things for the CBA

I've talked with various people at the CBA about their resources (mostly Finance). Here are some answers to questions they had:

Carita Alexander and I have figured out that EBSCO host does have access to the Journal of Finance in EBSCOHOST, from 1948 to the present. There's a limit to what can go here, though; it has to be out for a year before it appears in full text here. Otherwise, there is only an abstract. That's a limit set by the publisher of the journal.

Speaking of EBSCO, It has been suggested that we think about getting a different version of EBSCO's Business Source database, to see if one of the other versions might be better. Here are links to what EBSCO says about their products:

Business Source® Elite
Business Source® Complete
Business Source® Premier

I've looked at the list of titles for each, and in a nutshell Business Source Complete, which is what we currently have access to, has the largest number of titles.

Still speaking of EBSCOHOST... Ever tried the Enhanced Business Searching Interface (the link for that appears right under the normal Business Source completes link in the database list)?
Being used to and fairly happy with normal EBSCO, I never looked until recently myself. This provides faster access to specific kinds of resources:

I don't know if that's going to be of any help at all, but I sort of like it.

I've also taken a closer look at D&B Key Business Ratios as a provider of business ratios, which has solicited us. They say that they have 14 Key Business ratios. I'm unsure if I'm interested in this product, but it is one to consider.

About the Wall Street Journal...
When I heard the fairly shocking news that Rupert Murdoch acquired the WSJ some weeks ago, I thought 1) I really hope this doesn't destroy its integrity and 2) I wonder if that's going to complicate getting a new subscription? I've contacted the WSJ's customer service about options for access, and I'll have more to to say about that when they reply.

I've also asked Standard & Poor’s about electronic access to their Industry Surveys, which we have in print up to 2006.

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