Monday, March 10, 2008

On a bleary Monday morning: some advice

The night supervisor told me he had a rather rough night at work last night. Lots of people in the library forgetting they were in a library, mainly, but something happened that threw him for a loop. Bearing in mind that he's only worked here since this past summer, he hasn't encountered every possible problem and/or emergency, but last night something happened that most of us haven't dealt with, even someone like me who's been here almost five years: someone dropped a study room key down the gap between the floor and the elevator, which means there's a study room key at the bottom of the elevator shaft.

Well, folks, this presents a problem. It's like those people who, while walking across the bayou, manage to drop their keys down the gaps in the bridge, or over the railing. It's just about impossible to retrieve them.

So, folks, some advice: be careful with study room keys. Put them in your pocket, purse, or backpack, until you get to the Circulation Desk to turn them in. Likewise, when crossing the bayou, also keep your keys safe!

1 comment:

Karen N. said...

I've many times looked at the gap and thought about how awful it would be to drop a key in there. If only we could use these
iconic British subawy signs.

I wonder what treasures lie at the bottom of the shaft?