Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Song Contest and Free trials ahoy!

In celebration of its new database, Books & Authors, Gale is holding a song contest, and you could win $2500!

To celebrate the launch of this momentous new product, we invite you and
your patrons to compose a song about your favorite book or author, record
a video of its performance and submit it for a chance to win $5,000 -
$2,500 for you and $2,500 for your favorite library. Post the contest on
your community board to encourage even more entries and have a better chance
at winning a share of the prize money! Visit for complete rules
beginning April 13, 2008.
So if you have any song ideas, start thinking about something! There will be more information on Gale's site later.


We also get a free trial to the database [contact reference for the log-in; we can't give it to the entire internet :-) ]
And Many more databases will also be available for free:

Academic OneFile
Biography Resource Center

British Library Newspapers
Gale Directory Library
Gale Virtual Reference Library
General OneFile
Health & Wellness Resource Center
History Resource Center: U.S.
History resource Center: World
Literature Criticism Online
Literature Resource Center
Nursing Resource Center
Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center: Critical Thinking
Popular Magazines
Science Resource Center
Small Business Resource Center
Sources in U.S. History Online: The American Revolution
Sources in U.S. History Online: The Civil War
Sources in U.S. History Online: Slavery in America

So look out for that... when the 13th arrives, we'll remind you again.

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