Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Reminder - Change in Hours of Operation

So this week marks the end of the first summer semester. Tomorrow, in fact! Good luck on final exams! Summer II will start July 7th. So tomorrow and next week: we won't be open long hours. We'll be open 7am to 5:30pm Monday-Thursday, 7am to 1pm Friday, and closed on weekends. But once Summer II starts, we'll be open until 10pm Monday-Thursday, 7am to 1pm on Fridays, and 6-10pm on Sundays.

A little break in between semesters is a good thing. It's very easy for library faculty and staff to get burned out; unlike most regular faculty, we're 12-month, which means our big break comes at Christmas, when the library actually closes for Christmas and New Year's. Otherwise, we're always open, year-round. We close two days for Mardi Gras, Fall Break, and Easter. But we're open during Spring Break. And when you consider that we have staff that works evenings and nights, you really have to consider that we need a little easing up on our workload from time to time! Library staff/faculty are people, too. Just like other staff and teaching faculty (Freudian slip: I typed faulty, but that includes me, too). We're all human, we have good days and bad days; problems, challenges, triumphs, successes. It's easy to forget that, I think; we would all do well to bear that in mind.

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