Thursday, May 26, 2011

Database Changes

The ULM Library and the Computing Center have been working on improving off-campus access to the databases! So far, a few off-campus access links on the site have been changed.

Medline with Full Text
Communication & Mass Media Complete
Mergent Online
SciFinder Scholar (ask Reference Dept. about special access)

The name of the proxy server that allows access has been changed from "michael1" to "ezproxy," so if you have saved or bookmarked the old links, they will no longer work.

Also, the ULM Library no longer subscribes to College Source, which provides access to the course catalogs of other universities and colleges. If you needed this database, please contact us and we'll see if anything can be done.

College Source has been returned to the web pages and we have access once again!

We are also having problems with off-campus access for SciFinder, and we're trying to fix that.
(June 22)

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