Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New and improved Off-Campus Access!

EDIT: May 2013

At this time, ALL of the ULM Library databases which we are able to use off-campus do work off-campus!
(with the exception of College Source Online which we don't have an off-campus subscription to.)

We are thrilled to announce that we have changed the way off-campus access works, with a new "EZproxy" server for authenticating users. But don't worry-- The login you use will remain exactly the same.

This should improve how you use databases from off-campus, and we may be able to expand some resources which have never been available off-campus before.

But there are some temporary issues to be aware of:

  • If you have saved or copied old direct links to databases, they might not work anymore. Visit the Databases By Name to get the latest links.
  • ARTSTOR  Will temporarily be accessible off-campus only with user accounts created on-campus first. Contact reference if you can't come to campus and need help making one. We will make it accessible with the same login as the others soon.  (now working normally)
  • Can't find the "special" links to Communication & Mass Media Complete and Medline® with Full Text? They now work as part of EBSCOhost and don't need special links.
  • New EBSCO folder accounts will work on and off campus with the new server. However, if you created an EBSCO folder off-campus before that, you may not be able to access it now. If you're having that problem, have a look at this page to learn how to get your citations back.

Do let us know straight away if you're having trouble with off-campus access (or anything else)!

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